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Sponsorship for international companies

A local sponsor is to be mandatorily appointed to operate a business in Dubai. ‘Sponsor’ is a general term used in the UAE to refer to Emirati shareholders (sleeping partners). While local sponsors normally do not interfere in any of the company’s daily operational activities, they still hold power to sign on immigration and labour related affairs of the company.

With our connection to the ruling family and our history of working with world-renowned companies, we pride on being the best local partner you can think of. Not merely to fulfil the law, but to connect you well. Our office can become the perfect bridge between yourself and the legal, labour and financial networks in the UAE. As a local reliable partner, we will find you the right clients and hold your hand through.

We can help you set up your business here, by helping you procure licenses for projects of any kind – such as and industrial or service, trading or commercial and professional or general trading. You can choose from among a free zone, mainland, or offshore company in Dubai. We thoroughly evaluate all projects and comprehensively assess potential and risks.

Cooperate with us reliably and productively